I’m a jewellery designer based in Amsterdam with cultural roots and influences from London, Paris and Rome. I believe that pieces like mine are the best way to inspire a sense of connection to your raw inner self, the part of you that sometimes gets forgotten or left behind. Remember the time when you simply appreciated beauty, were able to live joyfully, and had the time and energy to celebrate your true self freely? I want to bring that back.

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Jewellery like mine is crafted to give people the confidence to shine. Whatever your age, and whatever you’re into, I aim to reconnect you once again to your true self through the pieces I design. My pieces are made in my imagination, hand-designed, hand-crafted, and artisanal works of art. Everything I use is sourced as fair-mined and ethically as possible in Europe and beyond. My prices reflect this. Want to reconnect to yourself? Don’t hesitate to get in touch to see what we can create together.

Jewellery and bespoke artisanal design that empowers people to reconnect to, and celebrate, their true raw selves.


  • (re)Discoveries (Loods 6, Amsterdam, December '22)
  • p.a.n.s.i Pop-Up Gallery (Prinsengracht 197D, Amsterdam, 13 & 14 May '23)


- People's choice: 2nd position 
- Groundbreaking Innovation category: shortlist